2019 Honda Prelude Prices, Release Date, Specs, and Changes

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For you who want the best appearance and performance from Honda, one of the choices that you should not miss is the 2019 Honda Prelude. This car is the two-door sport coupe which has been favored by many Honda customers. The exclusive appearance paired with the beast performance is surely the most attractive part of this car. The rumors which have spread show that this car is likely to be produced and it will be under the Honda Acura Division. So, what more things which have been spread along with the rumors? Here we will discuss it completely.

2019 Honda Prelude Exterior

Here, the exterior is the biggest attraction that most people talk about when we are dealing with the 2019 Honda Prelude specification. From the original look, the accord is the platform which is taken, but, the design is polished to have tail and slimmer front part for getting supercar look. Not only the front part, other part like the front headlight is also slimmer and look sharp for aggressive aura. Many sport cars are sure aggressive in its appearance for giving strong coolness. There is no real competitor when it comes to the exterior of this car.

2019 Honda Prelude Interior

For the 2019 Honda Prelude interior, here, you will get plenty luxury appearance here. First, the upholstery will be made from the premium materials for enhancing its luxurious look. The dashboard will also be painted according to the color of its exterior so it will make a fine tuning in the appearance. The pleasing comfort is also supported with the navigation system and other entertainment for ensuring your joy of driving.

2019 Honda Prelude Specification

The specification of the 2019 Honda Prelude is surely something that should not be doubted. Here, the engine which is planned to be installed is the great 3 L V6 engine. This great engine is really reliable as it can produce up to 330 ponies and 330 lb-ft. For the transmission, the comfort for it is ensured by the 9-velocity transmission, which is an exclusive transmission for enhancing better power distribution. For the drivetrain, the all-wheel drive is surely the main point here as it is the best pair for this car.

2019 Honda Prelude Prices and Release Date

As the car is a design for two coming years, it is really hard to find the truest grasp upon its release date. There are many rumors that have spread about it. Most of those rumors say that the end of 2018 is the possible moment for the release of this prelude. As for the price, there is still unclear price. There will be a significant increase which may happen there has not been any clear news about overall changes.

This 2019 Honda Prelude is the exclusive coupe sedan. The performance is also specialized for those who look for vehicle for hobby and satisfaction. The speed and the acceleration are two things which are amazing from this car. For the interior room, it is quite specious too for two people so it will ensure the comfort in driving.

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