2019 Honda HRV Redesigns, Exterior And Interior

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Honda really moves forward and they are intending to pose the real threats to the rests of the company in the segments. Currently, with 2019 Honda hrv, the company wants to be the leader in automotive markets of others segment. The company ensures that the latest car has the whole traits it needs for being number one option to those who see the modern and stylish crossover SUV. With excellent designs and usages of latest technological innovations the comfort and the driving characteristic as well, it can raise to the new high.

2019 Honda hrv interior changes

2019 Honda hrv exterior changes

As you start at the front, you can see 2019 Honda hrv redesign as clean and strict lines of body which leads up to really conservatively designed headlight and slight gapes in the grilles below. Besides its grilles, the front bumper hosts the fog light that is slightly offset to its center. The sides of the vehicle hold really conspicuous wheels arch that houses 17-inch alloy wheel with 5 spokes which give several extra elegances to overall looks. The side silhouette of this new hrv looks really stunning specifically with its narrowed rear windows which hold the handles of rear doors. The rear ends host small but nicely looking roof spoilers, rear light with LED which somehow resembles those of Citroen C3 and really simple rear bumpers which underneath hold only one exhaust pipe.

2019 Honda hrv interior

2019 Honda hrv interior changes

It it’s the place where the company shines. The interior of 2019 Honda hrv the place where the company concentrates the most and it is why you would be glad to hear that it would host really upscale leathers as well as fabric material in black and grey color. The comfort would not be questioned because you would be offered really high seat, bolstered on the sides offering amazing visibilities and safety.

Additionally, you would be heated as well as ventilated; it depends on the trim level you select. Its dash would be familiar and it would show 3-cluster instrument panels with bright blue backlights. The center stacks would host the touchscreen multimedia as well as navigation systems.

There is AC control which is located below infotainment units. By means of 2019 Honda hrv changes, it still has prestigious and original designs. What this car goes for it, there is also huge amount of spaces for rear passenger and huge trunk spaces which have about 453 liters. For safety sides, this newest hrv would come equipped with a plenty of technologies but the one which is the most interesting is really use full rear-view cameras and lane departure warning systems.

2019 Honda hrv specs

2019 Honda hrv specs

There will be two engine options for this car. Those are 1.8 and 1.5 liter petrol units. The actual specs for 1.5 L are currently scarce but for 1.8 liter, it would offer up to 172 lb ft of the torque and 141 horsepower. The transmission system will be available on traditional six-speed manual or CVT system. This 2019 Honda hrv would have 2 driving regimes: AWD and FWD as well as some preliminary info states that MPG ratio would be 28/35 for FWD and 26/32 for city/highway as AWS is on.

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