2019 Honda Grom Price, Release Date, Specs, and Changes

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Today, the growth of vehicle in the road is really fast. Every year, there is a significant increase in the use of cars. For that reason, some people tend to use motorcycle instead of car for daily life. In this condition, Honda sees a great opportunity and they plan to release the excellent motorcycle, 2019 Honda Grom. This motor is a stylish sport motorcycle. The appearance of this car is said to be enhanced with really interesting look. The dynamic and sporty design will be made bolder to attract more people, moreover those who enjoy touring with motorcycle. There are more excellent things which are made and here are what we will discuss.

2019 Honda Grom Specifications

For most sport motorcycle, the new 2019 Honda Grom specifications will be something which is out of many people’s mind. I believe that there are many people who have taken electric motorcycle for granted but in the new design of this motorcycle. The new engine in this motorcycle is planned to be fueled with hydrogen fuel cell. This is an electric cell which will provide a really good saving. The comfort of this ride is also emphasized with the quite engine, so it is really environmentally friendly. The power that can be delivered by the engine is around 10 horsepower and 10.9 Nm for the torque.

2019 Honda Grom Exterior

For the exterior, here, the motorcycle will have a sporty look. The body will come with wide seating so it will give the rider a great comfort when they have to ride for a long time. 2019 Honda Grom will also have a retro look from the mirror. The speedometer comes with whole digital setting, and clock for giving the rider good information about time. The wheels will look big and firm with nice pattern to reduce the chance of slipping in the slippery road.

2019 Honda Grom Changes

The changes which will come in the new 2019 Honda Grom is actually pleasing and satisfying. First, for the safety, the ABS system is planned to be installed for ensuring safer ride. For better appearance, the changes will come in minor look like in the details of lining and the painting. The material for the paint will also get better as it is more weather shield.

2019 Honda Grom Prices and Release Date

For the price, it seems that this excellent motorcycle will come with fair price. As you see, you will get a friendly engine for fuel economy as it uses electric engine for the support for the main engine. The prices which come will be $ 3,599 for the prediction. For the release date, it seems that fall in 2018 will be the time for it.

For you who love to cruise from town to town with motorcycle, 2019 Honda Grom is surely a good friend. This motorcycle comes with the most sophisticated safety system too for ensuring your enjoying ride. The power is fair and comfortable with the design which also support more comfort. Now, you do not have to worry about good 2-wheel ride as this motorcycle can give you that.

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