2018 Honda Pilot Changes, Specs, Review

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Honda Pilot was firstly announced in 2002. Since then, it becomes one of the best SUVs available in the market. It is purposed for North America. However, it becomes more and more popular so that the customers are spread wider over the world. The hottest rumor is that there will be 2018 Honda Pilot. This next generation will be the more amazing SUV and ready to compete with other rivals. It is considered as the stronger and bigger brother of Honda CRV. Now, let’s discuss about the detailed review.

2018 Honda Pilot Changes

2018 Honda Pilot Changes

Talking about 2018 Honda Pilot redesign, it relates to exterior and interior. Start from the exterior, it will come with the shorter wheelbase. So, the new version will look much sportier. Besides that, it will also have the sharper lines, dominant headlights and big grill. Then, it will have 18 inch allow wheels whereas the ground clearance will be 185 mm. Other parts will remain same such as the LED running lights, power taillights and moon roof. Even though it looks like Odyssey minivan, Acura sedan and Acura MDX, this SUV still looks sleeker.

For the interior, it will lose in length. This will have 2 seat rows. However, it will not reduce the comfort it has offered for the current version. Even though it will only be able to hold 5 passengers, the cabin will feel more spacious. Some parts such as dashboard, steering wheel and controls will remain same with the latest model. Then, 2018 Honda Pilot will also feature NAVI systems, audio, etc. Some safety features will also be available such as better parking sensors, rear camera, etc. Overall, the interior design of this new SUV will be more satisfying even though it reduces the capacity.

2018 Honda Pilot Engine

2018 Honda Pilot Engine & Specs

The most important thing related to 2018 Honda Pilot review is about the engine. It will only offer one engine. According to some rumors, it will come with 3.5 liter V6 engine. This is a powerful engine where it can deliver up to 282 horsepower. However, it will be different for Asian market where unfortunately it will be a little bit weaker. It will only generate about 250 horsepower. This engine will be mated to 6 speed auto transmissions. Another rumor says that it is possible to have 9 speed auto transmissions.

You can choose between All Wheel Drive or Front Wheel Drive modes depending on the trim. For the Asian market, there will be a variant that features 6 speed transmission and also All Wheel Drive. So, you have to compare them and choose your desired one wisely.

2018 Honda Pilot Price

2018 Honda Pilot Price

The price is still not confirmed yet. However, it is hoped that the price will be less than 30,000 dollars. However, it may be higher than 25,000 dollars. For the release date, we predict that it will come out in the early or the middle of 2018. So, you have to be patient to wait for 2018 Honda Pilot.

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